Residential & Commercial Glass Table Tops

Bear Glass offers all types of Glass Table Tops. We provide both domestic and commercial glass tables at a competitive price. We are one of the lead glass company in this country and our delivery network throughout USA and Canada.

We Make Custom Glass Table Tops For Any Use

Be it for home, office, or restaurant, Glass Table Tops are everywhere. It is the most used form of glass. Bear Glass make Custom Glass Table Tops that add up a touch of beauty in your room. We have all types of modern glass machineries and varieties of glass type to make a truly custom glass table top for your need.


Coffee Glass Table Tops

glass coffee table

Coffee Glass Table Top is one of the most frequently used type of Glass Table Tops that you can find in almost every leaving room. It serves its purpose as well as adds an elegent look to the interior.

Glass Dining Room Table Tops

glass dining table

Glass for dining table or table top is a good choice. It brings the modern look in your dining room, also make it easy to clean and is very durable. When using a Glass Table Top you can preserve your wooden table from scratches.

Glass Office Desk

glass office table

If you are arranging your new office space or redesigning your existing one, Glass Desk Top could be a perfect choice for you. Glass Office Desk made completely out of glass is a modern choice. You can also use glass table tops, it must also preserve your existing wooden tables.

Glass Counter Tops

glass counter top

Glass counter top is a very popular choice, because they can provide a clean, sanitary and very stylish countertop surface. Thick glass is best used for this application. Bar, nightclub, and other commercial places are ideal for this but you can use it in your home as kitchen countertops. We can provide up to 1” Thick Glass.

Glass Table Top FAQ

Q. Which Thickness of glass do I need for a table top?

A: If you need a glass piece to protect an existing table top then 1/4”, 1/8” is perfect for you but you need a much thicker glass if you want the glass to be the actual table top not just a surface protector then, you need 1/3”, 1/2” or higher is perfect for you.

Q. My Table is an irregular shaped, can you make a table top for it ?

A: We can make table tops of any shape with the use of our waterjet cutter, which can cut a glass piece in any shape.

Q. Is the Glass Tempered?

A: Yes, it is recommended for all Glass Tables. Tempered glass is always prefered and we provide it.

Q. What is edgeworks and what types of edgeworks you can provide?

A: Edgeworks are polishing of glass edges. We do all types of standard edgeworks such as bevel, double bevel, ogee, miter, waterfall, also we accept custom edgeworks order.

Glass Delivery Service

Yes, we deliver your glass table or any glass assets to anywhere in USA or Canada.

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  • Seven days a week service
  • Top Quality packing
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  • Unbeatable Price

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